I keep honeybees and also have a job writing software for a big company.

I make this page by:

  • Writing markdown
  • Converting markdown to html using the jekyll/jekyll Docker container
  • Copying the generated site to a Google Cloud Storage bucket
  • Serving the bucket on my domain with Cloudflare Workers

Q: Why not just install jekyll?

A: I don’t like to install things on machines. Jekyll install with a Docker container is a one-liner:

docker run -it \
        -v <some path>:/srv/jekyll \
        -p 4000:4000 \
        jekyll/jekyll \

And if I get something wrong, I can easily try again with a clean slate.

Jekyll install on Ubuntu is more than one line, and if I screw up some path or environment variable, I have to sort out how to repair it instead of just starting fresh.

Q: Why not just use githubpages?

A: I wanted to play around with Cloudflare Workers.